Symptoms of Heart Attack in Females Under 30

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Females Under 30

October 9, 2018 0 By admin

The cases of the heart attack are increasing day by day. Due to the lifestyle and daily stress, most people are becoming heart patients. But we do not understand its symptoms properly. heart attack can be done not only to men but also to women. There are some special features that are not good to ignore. Let’s learn about similar symptoms of heart attack in females under 30

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Most people think that heart attacks are just for men but not for women but nowadays changing lifestyle can be a problem of heart attack. During the heart attack in women, many types of symptoms appear, which can be expensive to ignore. Research Center also believes that some common symptoms are seen in women before the heart attack. Let’s know what are the symptoms which women should not ignore by forgetting.

  • Dizziness, vomiting, stomach upset:- Symptoms of resilience, vomiting, or dyspepsia among women are more common during men’s heart attacks. It often happens because the right arterial heart, which goes deeper into the heart, gets blocked.
  • Acute pain in the upper part of the body:- Pain in the neck, back, tooth, arms and shoulder bone are symptoms of heart attack. This is called ‘radiating’ pain. This happens because many arteries of the heart end here like the fingers of the fingers where the pain is concentrated.
  • Dizziness:- Dizziness or head walking is another symptom of the heart attack. This is due to obstruction in one vein going to the heart. When women see these changes in themselves, they should be careful. Do not understand the weakness or any other reason for this due to the pressure of work. The symptoms of heart attacks are often overlooked by people who are minor. The consequences of which have to be faced with later.

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  • Chest pain:- Symptoms of heart attack in women cannot be only chest pain, but it certainly happens. Instead of focusing on symptoms, if you are experiencing some new symptoms and they are not getting away, then go to the doctor immediately. According to doctors, it is better to repent than later that be safe.
  • To sweat:- If you are not going through a period of menopause and still you get sweating suddenly, then it will be safe. Do not ignore this symptom immediately contact your nearest hospital or doctor.
  • Jaw pain:- If your jaw has pain, it means that you have suffered a heart attack because the nerves that have it come out of your heart. If pain continues, you have toothache problems. If it happens in a little while and when you get tired and the pain increases, it can be related to the heart.