15 Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat-Easy and Simple

15 Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat-Easy and Simple

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There was a time when the stomach out of the mouth meant that Banta was eating and drinking. Now the moment is six packs. Fat is more important than the amount of fat in the body. Fat is the right distribution in the body, that is, it is not as dangerous as it is to accumulate around the stomach. More than 40 inches for men and more than 35 inches size for women cause obesity-related diseases. In this way we are telling you that some easy exercises and yoga will be reduced in just 1 month. We talk about some exercise reduce to belly fat back Exercise: This Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat and stomach’s obesity amazingly.

Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat

SwimmingSwimming is a good exercise for the whole body. More than this, calories burn. This increases the metabolism rate, so it is quite beneficial.

Jogging – The most effective exercise to reduce the stomach’s obesity; Walking for 45-50 minutes daily with sharp steps. This is another popular exercise that can prove to be the best for you. This increases your heart’s pumping capacity and improves your metabolism. Around 2 kilograms of jogging is enough fat burn. Yoga bike support(15 Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat ) 

If you do not have time to sweat in the gym then Yoga can also prove to be a great way to reduce belly fat –

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Yoga Will Remove Obesity

  1. Surya Namaskar – There are 12 yoga positions in each and every single pose has a different effect on your body. Stretching of the body from the forward and backward position. Deep breathing is accompanied by detoxification. Every morning, when the sun’s light is not sharp, then it is more beneficial to do sun salute by turning to the sun.

15 Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat

  1. Padahastasan – sits on the floor and tries to touch the knees with the spreading nose forward. This causes excess fat burn, especially stomach fat.
  2. Pawanmuktasan – It reduces the problems of gastric, indigestion and constipation. Since your knees make pressure on the stomach in this seat, it is very good fat burn in a few minutes from the entire area around the stomach. (15 Simple Exercise Reduce to Belly Fat ) 

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  1. Boating – It is extremely effective in reducing the stomach obesity. Staying in this position for one minute also results in strain of the stomach muscles and toning of your abs.
  2. Ushrasana i.e. Camel Pose – This is opposite of boat navigation. This will reduce tension on the muscles of your stomach and good toning of muscles during boating.

7. Dhanrassan- This pose makes good tone of your stomach. Along with stretching of the stomach, it also tones the backs, thighs, arms and chest muscles, and your pores import