What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Females?

What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Females?

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Kidneys perform the basic functioning of filtering the body’s blood and then removing the toxins out of the body. The organs transfer these toxins to the bladder, from where these are removed during urination.

However, in case of a kidney failure or other kidney-related diseases the organ loses this essential ability. The waste is not filtered efficiently from the blood, thereby resulting in dysfunctions.

Kidney health can deteriorate due to environmental pollutants, side effects from certain medications, other chronic diseases, prolonged dehydration, instances of kidney trauma, etc.

Such symptoms can indicate other health issues as well, but one must be cautious enough to identify these timely.

Female bodies respond in certain ways and showcase certain symptoms indicating mild to acute kidney diseases.

However, kidney transplant surgeons state that different individual bodies showcase these symptoms at different stages of the disease. Some might reflect these at the very onset, while others only record these at later stages of the disease. 

Here is a list of 10 symptoms or signs to watch out for in females indicating a kidney disease:

  • Fatigue and energy drain

Impurities in the blood results in weakness in the body and difficulty in ability to concentrate.

  • Insomnia

Difficulty in sleeping is a common kidney disease symptom in females.

  • Dry, patchy and itchy skin

Loss of extra fluids from your body can lead your skin to remain dry and parched.

  • Frequent urge to urinate

More so in the night, symptoms of kidney disease include a frequent urge to urinate.

  • Cramped muscles

Impaired kidney functions result in disbalances in electrolytes in the body.

  • Poor appetite
    Sudden dietary changes with indicating a build-up of toxins and reduced kidney functioning.
  • Swelling in body parts

Hands, feet, ankles of a person with kidney disease can swell up due to the loss of fluids in the body.

  • Change in taste

Food tastes like metal and YouTube bad breath. This can also be followed with noticeable weight loss.

  • Foamy urination

Too many bubbles in the urine are indicative of symptoms of kidney disease.

  • Blood in the urine

This is a common kidney failure symptom as the kidneys are unable to function normally.

You must contact a kidney specialist in case you experience the above-mentioned symptoms for early identification and recovery. You might also need to take suggestions from a kidney transplant surgeon in case the symptoms worsen or are observed over a longer duration. 

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