Save Your Precious Eyes from All Kind of Allergies

Save Your Precious Eyes from All Kind of Allergies

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Eye Allergy

The allergy in the eyes is also known as allergic conjunctivitis and the various characteristics of it are watery, itchy, red eyes. Allery in the eyes calls for various other problems like a watery, blocked nose, the is ringing around the ears and falling of secretion in the throat.

How Is One More Likely to Catchy Allergy in the Eye?

Eye conjunctivitis can be the cause of various factors like pollen in the air, blocked nose, sneezing, watery nose, inflammation of eye tissues.


·         Watery, itchy and red eyes

·         Pain in the eyes

·         Burning sensation

·         Excessive sneezing

·         Runny or blocked sneeze

·         Soreness in the eyes

·         Developing of dark circles under the eyes

·         Sensitivity in the eyes


What Triggers Eye Allergy

·         Pollution

·         Smoke fumes in the kitchen

·         When you expose yourself to the outside environment immediately after coming from a AC environment

·         There is moisture in the cupboards, damp clothes and old newspapers

·         Humid areas in the bathroom, under the sink or even in the open in the rainy season

·         Presence of chlorine in the swimming pool

·         Soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, and other chemicals

·         Wheat husk in the harvesting season

·         Rice thresh during the paddy season

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What Triggers Eye Allergy


An untreated eye allergy can cause serious complication like ulcer formation and that will damage the eyes.

So, before you worsen your condition any further you need to try the Herbal Remedy for Eyes Allergy

Some remedies are:

·         Apply a cool compress to soothe the eyes

·         Flush out the irritants with the help of saline water drops

·         Prepare external eyewash with turmeric

·         Apply damp tea bags to soothe the swollen eyes

·         Place cucumber slices over your eyes to soothe the swollen eyes

·         To tackle the allergic reactions drink lemon juice

·         Drink oolong to ease the symptoms

·         Avoid coming in contact with the allergens

·         Dip cotton pads in cold milk and then leave it over your eyelids. Let your eyes relax for a while and then remove it

·         Multiple times in a day wash your eyes with clean water to free it from any kind of impurities

·         Use unsweetened aloe vera juice to soothe your eyes. Dip cotton pads in aloe vera juice and then place it over your eyes for the next 15 minutes it will help in soothing your eyes

·          Dip cotton balls in organic castor oil and then dip it in castor oil, now dip the cotton balls in the organic castor oil and let it rest over your eyes. Strain the excessive oil and then wash away your eyes with water


·         Take 1 teaspoon of manuka honey or either organic honey and place it under your eyelids. Now, leave it for the next 20 minutes and you will see it will reduce the inflammation and swelling around the eyes

·         Sometimes deficiency in the body can also be the reason behind allergy in the eyes.  Deficiency of vitamin A, C and E can cause itchy eyes. Give your eyes the supplement of vitamin C and give your eyes the relief. Start consuming kale, mangoes, turnips, carrots, cheese, and vegetables.