Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been developed to follow the ‘layered policy’ format, which means that it offers layers of greater or lesser detail so people can read as much as they wish and find what they need.

Daily fitness update is committed to protecting your online privacy. In general, you can visit Daily fitness update Web sites without revealing any personal information. However, you may be asked to provide personal information to gain access to some of our content and services. This information helps us to better ascertain and address the health care needs and concerns of site visitors.

We accept personal information, such as the name, and e-mail of Users, by their consent, if users wish; they can also refuse to give their personal information. This is a disadvantage; they will not be able to participate in any future activities related to the site, such as comment, Open Discussion.

  • Technical Identification Information :- Technical identification means the name of the user’s browser name, domain name, and the type of computer from which it connects to our site, showing all those things.
  • How we use Collected Information :- What, why, how do the results collect? First, for the taxes, the seconds to run the site properly, through your personal information, third person to solve people’s questions and requests in a good way, through your email It is easy to give answers to the questions of the people.
  • Acceptance of Private Policy :- Being a user of this site, you will have to follow its rules and regulations. If you do not agree with these private policies, you can stop using the site. Even after the change in policy, if the site remains the users then we will assume that you fully agree with our policy.
  • Changes in Private Policy :- Our website has the right to update these private policies, so we request from the United States, that updates are made from the time the changes are made from the site. 
  • Baby Browser Cookies :- Our site uses web cookies to improve the experience of users, cookies keep web browsing history in the hard drive, keeping track of their browsing history here, cookies have an important role. Can prevent cookies by setting, but this will not work properly on some part of the site.

If you have any questions about our policy, rules or dealings in your mind, please contact us at the following: Email us on e-mail.