How Pollution Affects Your Hair

How Pollution Affects Your Hair

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Many of us are keen on protecting our skin against the harmful effects of pollution. It is surprising how not so many of us are keen on protecting our hair though. If you are a city dweller, this article is going to be your savior as the air there is always saturated with grime, smoke, and dust. Pollution has a lasting negative effect on your hair extensions, as it renders it more prone to greasiness, splitting, and breakage. We felt it would be good if we shared in detail how you can safeguard your hair extensions against the effects of pollution. Read on because it is totally worth it!

Does pollution really affect your hair?

When your hair is constantly exposed to increased levels of smoke and dust, it tends to trap these particles and have them settled on the scalp. Pollutants result in dry ends, greasy roots, dandruff and eventually hair loss. This sounds scary, right? In a bid to compensate the dryness, your scalp will produce excess oil which in turn means frequent washing. As a result, your locks become even dryer.

Can you protect your hair from pollution?

If the levels of pollution in your city worry you, the hacks shared in this article will help you take care of that should you incorporate them in your daily routine. we are not suggesting that you do each and every tip shared, but two to three of them will definitely make a big difference.

Does pollution really affect your hair?

Use EDTA infused shampoos

Tetrasodium Acid penetrates into loose minerals such as dust and removes them. It is perfectly suited for queens in overly polluted areas. Besides softening hard water and easing the cleaning process, it removes product build up, leaving your hair cleansed.

Apply a protective spray

Your hair needs to be protected from heat damage and environmental damage as well. Protective sprays form a coating on your strands, preventing the penetration of dirt which dries them out. Some sprays serve the purpose of protecting your hair from UV rays, pollution, and heat damage while offering detangling and nourishing benefits. As a result, your hair looks super healthy. Just lightly spray your hair every morning before leaving the house and you will definitely notice a big change.

Cover up

This is the easiest and simplest way to protect your hair. Actually, you could combine switching up your look with protecting your hair by throwing on a hat, a scarf or twisting a low bun. Reducing the amount of time that your hair gets exposed means less damage. If you notice a little bit of drying, you may want to cover your hair on certain days of the week, especially on the weekends.

Super nourish your hair

Pollution dries hair super fast. It is even worse if stay in the city because the levels of pollution here are much higher. Ensure your hair is as nourishes as possible by masking at least twice a week, using a moisturizing shampoo, and keeping away from dry shampoos and salt sprays. Check out for a hair treatment that contains jojoba oil and quinoa as they play a big role in rebuilding your hair strands once exposed to harmful environmental effects. They leave your hair strengthened as well.

Super nourish your hair

Regular wash

Fortunately, environmental pollutants sit on the surface of the hair cuticles. rarely do they get absorbed. This means you can easily wash them off. Regular shampooing removes such particles and makes your scalp less prone to itching and flaking. What exactly does regular mean? Well, this varies from one person to the other, but generally, these tips should guide you:

  • Shampoo the hair as you usually do and let it air dry;
  • Monitor your scalp and wait for it to become irritable;
  • Take note of how long it takes for the itching to start. This, less one day is the maximum period for which you should leave your hair. Longer than this is highly dependant on your preference.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Hydration applies to your overall well being, your mane included. Environmental pollutants soak up your hair moisture, making it necessary to ensure your hair is always moisturized. Moisturizing masks come in handy in such circumstances.

Go easy on styling products

Thickening creams, gels, and mousses tend to attract more pollutants. Reduce the daily use of these products if you live in an area that’s polluted. It also helps to go more product specific, because more hair companies are becoming aware of the effects of pollution hence creating products suited for such conditions. Even though the ingredients vary, products rich in antioxidants are more effective. Look out for products containing Horehound extracts as they prevent the penetration of environmental pollutants.

Over to you…

These quick hacks should have you a bit more clued up on why and how you should protect your hair from environmental pollution. This may directly be speaking to city gals, but anyone that commutes daily should also be careful.

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