Are Your Crooked Teeth Harming Your Health?

Are Your Crooked Teeth Harming Your Health?

June 29, 2019 0 By admin

There are many causes that lead to having crooked teeth and among these genetic factors cannot be mentioned. However, it is not always the fault of genetics, but also of a series of wrong behaviors that have been implemented since early childhood.

Crooked teeth do not affect negatively only on self-esteem and smile aesthetics. In fact, keeping teeth health under control is necessary and indispensable to avoid chewing problems, dental disorders and so on.

Some general causes of crooked teeth:

Among the most frequent causes, therefore excluding the rarer ones, there is dental malocclusion linked to genetic factors, crowding and poorly placed teeth, poorly performed dental fillings, jaws of too small dimensions, chronic gingivitis, pyorrhea, bruxism, habits wrong. 

Among these, without a doubt, you must mention that to suck the thumb or the pacifier, the wrong habit of drinking with the bottle after 3 years, push the tongue against the teeth. These are the some general causes of crooked teeth and it is clear that a remedy must be found for a situation of this kind, given that it could bring with it consequences of no small importance.

Other most common effects caused by crooked teeth:

  • Chewing problems that also have a negative effect on food digestion
  • Difficulty in thoroughly cleaning the teeth and more visitors to the nearest dental clinic increases. Visit increases to accumulate plaque and tartar at increased risk of tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Brittle teeth with increased risk of breakage
  • Changes in the aesthetics of the face
  • Difficulty closing the lips properly the subject tends to breathe through the mouth
  • Facial pain, postural defects, tinnitus and headache (symptoms generated by a severe dental mal-occlusion)

It is up to the dentist appointment held in dental clinic nearby you to determine the severity of the dental damage and misalignment, so you should act accordingly. 

Other most common effects caused by crooked teeth

Consequences of having crooked teeth:

  • These are problems that cannot in any way be underestimated and it is precisely important to go to find the best solutions to overcome this situation which, we underline again, is not only unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view but also dangerous for one’s health.
  • We have to say it: crooked teeth do not only causes discomfort from an aesthetic point of view but can also bring with them problems in the round. For this reason, it is always very important to take care of the health of the teeth, in order not to have problems with chewing or other disorders.
  • Specifically, there may be masticatory problems, as well as obvious difficulties in carefully cleaning the teeth. This aspect brings with it a series of other problems such as, for example, a huge accumulation of plaque and tartar which, in turn, increases the possibility of caries, gingivitis, pyorrhea, and tooth fall. Your visit to the nearby dental clinic also increases. 
  • Moreover, often crooked teeth are also fragile and at risk of breakage and this leads to further damage. But it does not end here: there are also difficulties in closing the lips properly and, moreover, in the extreme cases it is even possible to have real facial pain.
  • Furthermore, crooked teeth do not give a pleasant smile and sometimes force people not to smile, thus limiting their personality and non-verbal communication, which represents 70% of our way of expressing ourselves. The word or verbal communication represents only 30% of our way of relating to others.

What to do to correct the “crooked teeth” or just prevent them? 

  • First of all, become aware of the problem, check that the gums are not bleeding, pay a visit to the nearest dental clinic and get a dentist appointment done right. 
  • The current orthodontic techniques can be performed at all ages, there are invisible therapeutic solutions where the orthodontic appliance is not seen even though it is a fixed appliance (incognito lingual technique). 
  • If periodontal treatment is needed, it is possible to regenerate the gum and bone tissues, thus maintaining a natural smile but above all maintaining one’s teeth.

With this, you should try maximum to practice safe chewing and go through those treatments which allow your crooked teeth not move or get displaced more from their original location. Even small kids should be taught about practicing good habits for good oral health.

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